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Service Award Recognition

Every Organizations strengths are accomplished by the employees that meet, greet, and provide service to their ultimate customers. At Nebraska City Utilities we take great pride in providing service to our customers. This would not be possible without the dedication of our loyal employees. During times of outages they will work tirelessly until service is restored as they take their work mission seriously of "Providing The Best Possible Service At The Lowest Possible Cost Commensurate With That Service". Below are employees who have be recognized for their service to your utility.



Left to Right: John Gawart 40 yrs - Bob Gray 40 yrs - Ken Parde 25 yrs - Kevin Grundman 35 yrs
Ron Crunk 35 yrs - Rob Schreiner 15 yrs - Brad Kingery 20 yrs - Mark Lant 10 yrs
Jeff Liesemeyer 15 yrs - Lori Neeman 10 yrs - Carl Abbott 35 yrs - Kathy Lechner 35 yrs
Teresa Runkles 15 yrs - Al Harker 35 yrs - Gary Bolin 5 yrs - Travis Conner 5 yrs





FR left to right Scott Shoemaker 5 years, Diane James 25 year, John Hodges 10 year, Richard Dean Johnson 40 years, BR Bryan Turner 20 years, Sharon Smulling 20 years, Herman Gawart 15 years, Craig Davis 25 years, Jeff Kohrs 25 years, Not pictured is Tony Chaney 5 years

Back row: Al Harker 30 years, Carl Abbott 30 years, Jeff Liesemeyer 10 years, Rob Schreiner 10 years, John Gawart 35 years, Brad Kingery 15 years.
Front row: Kevin Grundman 30 years, Mark Lant 5 years, Ron Crunk 30 years, Lori Neeman 5 years, Bob Gray 35 years.  Not pictured: Teresa Runkles 10 years, Ken Parde 20 years


Back row: Tom Liesemeyer 35 years, Brad Davis 15 years, Dean Hauptman 35 years
Front row: Fred Roberts 10 years, Sharon Crunk 10 years, Don Poggemeyer 20 years
Not pictured: Nate McAlexander 10 years

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